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With A Little Help From My Friend


My Craft Closet Before

My Craft Room Closet After

My Craft Room Shelves Before

My Craft Room Shelves After

As some of you know I have been decluttering  and reorganizing my sewing/craft room with the help of  writer, blogger and organizer extraordinaire, Benita of Chez Larsson.  This endeavor required some humility on my part, and I did’nt change or hide a thing when I took the before photos!

You can go to her very lovely and informative blog:  http://chezlarsson.com  to see the process of my closet and open shelving revamp listed under organizing. Benita is by profession a visual merchandiser. Her work tasks  involve designing window display and advertising vignette. No wonder she teaches her readers to organize their spaces and homes in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and makes use of the artistic practice of involving a focal point. Benita brings her organization talents home, but for her the decluttering and practice of instituting order is not a chore, rather, a fascinating process with a very gratifying result! I know that I am loving the lightness that comes with letting go of those things I have unreasonably held on to mostly because  I heard the  voice of my darling mother (whom was a genuine Depression Era hoarder) whispering, “You might have a use for that someday!” Well I might, but there might be someone who comes to the thrift shop I donated to that needs it more than I do—today, and speaking of thrift when I happened upon Chez Larsson I saw that Benita, like me had to consider the margins of  tight spaces and a tight budget. She loves thrifting, recycling, and inventing new uses for her thrifty finds all well as I do.

Sometimes, as in my case, we cannot see a solution to our organizational problems, and we need to step back, seek some professional advice, get some courage and start tossing. I’m only halfway through the process, but I feel like my craft room is reaching its weight goal and on my scale that’s a TEN!