Flowers for you!


There is a good song in water

A song for the King

Laughter of silver

Inside of it rings

It dances with freedom

Yet, obvious plan

It moves where it’s taken

As current demands

Make me like water, Lord

Peaceful and free

Flowing along in a soft melody

Blessing your name, Lord

And singing Your praise

Bending with your will in all of my ways.

“…For thus says the Lord, ‘Behold I extend peace to her like a river’…” Isaiah 66: 12 NKJV

Chrystelle Kinsella

© Lyric to the King

I am working on some floral card images to sell in my Etsy shop. Love working with flower images or live flowers! There is lovely nursery in the town where I grew up. “Cricklewood Greenery”, the name suggests the charming storybook gardens that it is. When I was younger I worked for a florist and spent much of my meager earnings on our inventory. I loved to grow all the beautiful plants that the California climate would allow, so I’d often go to Cricklewood and purchase my favorite scented geraniums to grace my front steps with the smell of lemon mint, or buy strawberry ivy to hang in a vintage pot above my kitchen window. It was not just the meandering through aromatic lavender, or the discovery of a new culinary herb that delighted me, it was also the water features that were scattered throughout the shop and gardens. The sounds of water spilling down tiered fountain bowls, the bubbling in a pond full of brilliant Koi fish, the soft spray of the misters over the feathery ferns…these were the calming sounds that soothe the spirit. There was a song in the water.

We can be the living water that Jesus is. We can wash the dirty wounds of someone who has suffered on “The Jericho road” of life. We can carry to “The healing pool” those who are crippled by their lonely years of pain. We can offer a clean cup of water to those who have chosen to drink from the polluted well of this world. Some people are like parched plants… They just need a little sunlight and water and they will spring back to life!  If we choose to let God’s rejuvenating love flow through us, then He promises in Isaiah 58:6-14 NKJV “You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”


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