Thank God!


Facebook box today: “What’s on your mind?”

Well, I have to clean my house, but Thank God I do not live in the Tijuana dump where we once went on a missions trip to impoverished Mexican children who did.
I wish I had a housekeeper, but Thank God I don’t live in a place where all I can be is a slave.
I need a few new spring/summer dresses, but Thank God I am not wearing a burka or a ragged Haitian t-shirt in a sweltering heat.
I don’t want the same old thing on my plate for lunch, but Thank God it is not the same old few grains of rice in my hand for the day.
I wish some of the people on tv news would knock off the whining, but Thank God they live in a country where they are freely allowed to whine and whine and whine…
I am under a pile of taxes, paperwork and house payments, but Thank God I am not paying on a house in Chile that is under a pile of rubble and stone.
I am in pain, and I might have to take some medicine that was shipped to me by a doctor that I can hardly reach by phone, but Thank God I am not carrying a sick and emaciated baby across an Ethiopian desert for days to wait in line to get a vaccine from a nurse who comes once a month.
I am tired, and I want to sleep tonight without my neighbors making noise and partying the night away, but Thank God I am not asleep in a uniform on a gritty uncomfortable cot in Iraq or Afghanistan with the neighbors firing guns all night long.
I am opinionated.
I am American.
Thank God!


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  1. What a touching post and a poignant reminder of the many things we have to be thankful for…like a warm cozy bed to crawl into at night, full tummies, clean sheets and shelter from the cold, wind and rain. I lived in San Diego for several years and I remember looking out my bedroom window at night and seeing the lights of Tijuana, so close, yet, worlds apart.
    Thank you for your kind heart and for the love that you share on your blog!
    Sincere blessings,
    Carolynn….grammycarolynn (flickr)
    Thank you, too, for your thoughtful comments on my flickr!

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