Ain’t she sweet?


Yesterday I showed you the type of collage and cards I make using my stash of lovely papers, illustrations and ephemera. I mentioned my trading art elements with my friend Shelly of susiea at —in fact I met Shelly through Etsy!

You should be a fly on the wall (a butterfly shall we say) on the days we get a package from each other in the mail! Much dancing,  revelry and happiness abounds…although our husbands would think we were mortally wounded judging by the shrieks coming from the craft rooms! Vintage aqua glass beads,  bird illustrations embellished with opalescent paint, fine bits of antique tatting and lace, remnants of  rosy fabrics, swatches of treasured wallpapers… we have exchanged all that and more. We use it! Well, truth be told we hoard some, but we love to craft, and because we live far apart from each other we craft  “together” at the same time and chat and send each other photos of our works.

I have shown some of Shelly’s artwork on this blog and my flickr site as well. Today I thought I’d show you a little of what she, crafty girl that she is, does with her collection of  images and vintage add-ons. Shelly specializes in journals, art pieces and her famous pocket tags, and also makes altered art style jewelry. The journals are handmade covered in unique papers, and embellished with the prettiest of things such as crocheted trim, German gold paper scrap, or Victorian flower die cuts. She even sews a pocket on the inside cover and fills them with little art goodies for the recipient to add to personalize their writings. She finishes with  a bookmark, ribbons and even buttons and charms. She recently made me a prayer journal, and in it you can see that the work of her hands is blessed, and I am blessed to have  met such a sweet friend!

Take a look at her shop: susiea at


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