Silver Linings



~~~There is a place inside of this

Where I am the ocean

And you are the mist

Where I can stand on the furthest star

And you can only gaze afar

Where I am a redwood up poking the sun

And you are a crocus the green just begun

Where I am a mountain with great shawls of snow

And you are one snowflake lost whereas to go.

~~~Though then there are days when I kiss you first time

One tear is for sorrow, one tear for sublime

Or maybe the day where I utter a word

That makes you erase all the trillions you’ve heard

Then sometimes the day where I write my own name

And all the world’s Shakespeare are now bestowed shame

Still maybe the day where my hands hold your chin

And suddenly Humpty’s together again

~~~Don’t judge me by step stones, or shoe ties, or pace

Or doctor’s, or teacher’s or man’s lacking grace

Just know me by moments, and sapphires in smiles,

And God’s great compassion in “Once in a whiles”.

© 2008 Chrystelle Kinsella. Use with permissions.

Photograph, Silver Linings: William Kinsella all rights reserved.

I know that many of you, like my family and I,  are waiting for that bright day when the gray clouds roll away and the golden sun breaks through…That day when there is a total cure, and a final healing for autism and autism spectrum diseases. We look forward to that day, but for now are grateful that the clouds have silver linings. Treatments that involve therapy, dietary solutions, and the use of several costly natural supplements have helped to alleviate symptoms, and to accelerate successes in my grandson. Those treatments are so expensive because, as I understand, most insurances and financial aid organizations do not support these methods or consider them medically viable.  My lovely and remarkable daughter -in -law wrote on her facebook wall today: “ It would be nice if money grew on trees and if treatment for My son wasn’t so INCREDIBLY expensive!!!! 😦   “

Yes it would be nice, in fact it would be miraculous! Miracles can happen because God is a God of miracles, and a God of compassion. In fact He came out of a cloud to walk before Moses and proclaim Himself, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God…” We are praying for miracles, and we will pray for you as well! Until then may God walk in front of you, and may you take comfort and joy in the, “Once in a whiles”.

Please forward this post and my poem AUTISM, which was written from the  (imagined) viewpoint of an autistic child, to anyone whom it might bless. Thank you!


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