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The Perfect Recipe


Yes, I know, that’s the most kitschy cute recipe book you’ve ever seen in your life! It was made just for me by my retro crazy friend Elizabeth Young  from grandmothers attic at, and  Life in Smirleyworld,  as a gift when we met in LA last September, but that’s another day’s story…


Oh how I love these home-baked cakes

Sweet confection of my affection

Seeing half seen smiles under frosting

Hearing “Can I lick the spoon?”

I love the fragrant cinnamon

Vanilla in the air

Coffee steaming

Daytime dreaming

Offerings to You.

“…She is like merchant ships; she bring her food from afar…” Proverbs 31:14

Chrystelle Kinsella © Lyric to the King

I am super keen on going to church rummage sales, the local hospital auxiliary thrift shop, or an estate sale at one of the old homes in our town. One favorite thing to happen upon is a little box full of someone’s well-loved recipes. It does not matter that it was not my Cousin Abigail, who put three stars on her “Cape Cod Cookies”, it isn’t important that it isn’t my mom who penned her standard “Mother’s Date Cake” on the back of an electric co. bill. I can see her, anyway, “whisking” up my imagination. I can picture the gingham apron, the Pyrex mixing bowl, and the Wedgewood oven that she used to bake the muffins that won a blue ribbon at the county fair.

The recipes that are best, of course, are the ones that are spattered, worn, and faded from use. That means that they were proven to work, used often, and pulled from the box when the cook needed a dish they could rely on. It does make me sad, though, to see that a family did not count a box full of their ancestor’s recipes valuable enough to keep; especially as I know in my family we will wrestle over who gets the original of our Grandma’s  “Mocha Cake”, or my sister’s “Pansy’s Never Fail Pie Crust”.

Even more saddening, though, is finding a Bible that is old but in unused condition. The original “Family heirloom” that for years sat idle on a guestroom bookshelf or only decorated the piano lid. Sad, that the recipe for life may not be handed down to those who could claim an inheritance, and even more depressing that those who have the “recipe book” in their home, the rightful heirs, we Christians, would not have its pages spattered torn and faded from use.

I have a friend, Mrs. Finnegan, whose Bible’s spine is creased, its pages splayed, and its corners tattered. She has searched and underlined countless passages. Why? Because she knows God’s word is proven to work, she has used it often, and she knows she can rely on it. She feeds on it daily.  Mrs. Finnegan is a Bible connoisseur.

I once brought a dessert to a customer appreciation day at the charity shop where I volunteer. Almost everyone who came in that day pulled me aside to persuade me to share my recipe for those “scrumptious” Pecan pie bars. Men forced their wives to beg me to write it down; women pulled me aside and watched for “spies” as they covertly interrogated me as to my top-secret formula! I told each seeker that I would gladly share, but I did not have the recipe with me, and I had not memorized it, that it was my daughter-in-law’s Christmas standard, and that I thought it actually came from a favorite cookbook. I found I was right and that all the intrigue had been over a readily available Betty Crocker recipe.

Imagine if everyone we came in contact in any day knew we had the secret recipe that would satisfy the craving in his or her soul, if everyone we met asked us to impart that riddle of a recipe to him or her, but what if we could not recall the list of ingredients or instructions as we had not read or used it often enough? As Christians we do have the Maker’s “cookbook” and the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to interpret and recall his word. “…But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you…”. The recipe is right there in the book readily available to the fill the famished who we encounter everyday. “…For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness…”Psalm 107:9 NKJV. How sweet it is to know it is our book, our family inheritance, and when we use His recipe it will never fail!


My Current Favorite Etsy Shops


It is so hunky dory to go traveling through the winding roads of idyllic Etsy-ville, and stop to window shop to one’s hearts content! These are some of my current favorites.  Sew Thrifty (just like me!),  and sewing themed,  hurray!  I invite you to walk along and shop with me. Skipping in delight is allowed! You will not want to stop at the window, though, c’mon I’ll carry your basket!

Sew Thrifty  Current Top Ten  Faves:

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