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The Merriest Christmas to you


A freebie Christmas digital collage sheet  for my blog friends!

Vintage New Testament to be listed as an Etsy PIF

Hello friends, I have taken a long break from blogging, but resolve to try and do better in the coming year. I am enjoying  selling vintage books, art supplies, vintage sewing items, and digital collage sheets, in both my Ebay and Etsy shops. My customers are delighted with their purchases and their freebies, but in addition to the pretty little free gifts this Christmas I will give you the best gift I have,  not silver,  nor gold,  but such as I have…, the name, the words of Jesus Christ  that can cause you to be full of joy and healing! I will tell you a Christmas story~~~

My mother-in-law, Mildred, had an imitation fireplace and mantel. It was one of those kitschy things that, just as plastic sofa covers, Priscilla curtains, and flocked wallpaper, many 1960’s Brooklyn housewives had donned their “car coat”, grabbed their “pocketbook”, and took the subway downtown to the Kresge store to buy. It came out of storage every following Christmas, along with genuine artificial spruce tree, its bubbling candle strings of lights, and the plug in rotating color wheel. The fireplace was adorned, with corrugated simulated bricks, a stack of fake knotted pine Yule logs, a spun fiberglass blanket of snow on the mantle, and the finishing touch: the red and orange fan blown aluminum flames that made the fire look “so realistic”! After Mildred meticulously placed each piece of silver tree tinsel one at a time, and lovingly positioned the last angel on the roof of her Nativity set, she turned a Bing Crosby 78 on the Hi-fi and sat down with her children to cozy up fireside. She was pleased as plum pudding in her little holiday world, pleased with all but one thing…the fireplace put out no warmth on a blizzardy Brooklyn day!  There was no real blaze to take the chill from a Christmas visitor’s hands, no real flame to pop corn for a garland, or dry the children’s red mittens—for that she needed a real fire! Mildred, when she was a young mother, had suffered the injurious consequences of a bungled brain surgery; as a result one of the remaining disabilities was the fact that she had some memory loss. Mildred was always religious, but when she became a born again Christian, in the late 1970’s, she fell in love with Jesus, and faithfully read His word every day. The only problem was that she would sometimes forget where she was reading the day before, or which passage it was that she had already covered. She started keeping a notebook, a journal of sorts where she would painstakingly write down word for word every scripture she read every day. Just as she did for her medications, she made sure that she had “her Bible and her pills in her”. I admired her so much for her dedication to the Lord, for the commitment it took each day to follow through with her spiritual routine. What was the result of her faithfulness? Mildred became a person you’d want to cozy up to; she had the word glowing from her spirit even if her mind could not recall the address of a certain verse. Over the years Mildred endured many a malady, including seizures, and in the end cancer, yet never complained. She always said, “I know ‘my Jesus’ will take care of me. Why did she have such peace of mind? Because even though she may have often forgotten the written word, the living word was burning in her heart. As the scripture says, “…The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you…” (John 14:26 NKJV) Not knowing the word is a spark arrestor. We can’t kindle the small flame in the heart of an inquisitive new believer, or add a log to the smoldering embers in the mind of a disillusioned brother in Christ if we have not stoked our own fire. Let’s read the word, and even if, like Mildred, we cannot memorize it well, we can store it in our spirit. If we do, then when we are called on to bring God’s word into the conversation, let’s hope it radiates so much from us that someone will want to pull up a chair and get next to the fire! “That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world…” John 1:9 NKJV

I hope you’re sitting in front of a nice warm fire this Christmas season, and hopefully with a Good Book!