Buttons and Beaus


etsy sewing lots and laces and trims lots 015

new etsy lots g 009

new etsy fabric green calico 002

I’ve been having so much fun making up new Vintage Sewing Lots to sell in my Etsy shop! Bits and pieces, retro fabrics, vintage buttons, collectible trims, rick rack, and quilter’s yo yos…all of those things are as fun to play with as an adult as jacks, pick-up sticks, and marbles were as a child! C’mon you big kids you know what I mean!

I think a girl should have as much sewing playthings as her heart desires and her home can fit, but always, always have a tiny sewing/mending kit in your purse! I learned that little seed pearl of wisdom from my mom, who met my father at a company summer picnic when she was an telephone operator for Pacific Bell and he an installer for Western Electric. Dad was showing off when he joined in a tug-o-war and ended up popping a button from his shirt chest, but my pretty mom was such a clever girl when she sweetly smiled at the handsome stranger and offered to sew the button back on with the sewing kit she just happened to have in her drawstring bag! Sew….. one little spool of thread and a needle and there you are in a white velvet wedding suit with a clutch purse and a little sewing kit tucked in the pocket!

img152 copy1

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