fm-billy-015I was looking through family photos and envied the grandson in this one that makes him look so peace-filled. He is!

This led me to recall something I had saved for a devotional I am writing, and I thought I’d post it today:

I once had a surgery that provoked a lot of anxiety within me. I feared the operation, and let my exaggeratedly imaginative mind concoct many scary scenarios when thinking about its outcome. It is silly to lend time to fear. I have a friend who wisely says, “Don’t borrow trouble from the future.” That saying summons up the laughable thought of carrying a measuring cup to the neighbors and inquiring if they might share a half-cup of their financial uncertainties, or would they be kind enough to lend you two cups of their marriage woes.

Psychologists list “Magnifying” as a “Limited pattern of thinking” in which a person, “Exaggerates the scale or intensity of a problem. They turn up the volume on anything bad, making it loud, large and overwhelming.” What if we had a pattern of thinking that magnified the scale or measure of the good that happens to us?

Little Levi was walking to the car with his Grandmother after church. He told her what he had learned in Sunday school, and then asked what she planned for lunch that day. “I was thinking I’d make Quesadillas (A sort of round Mexican grilled cheese sandwich), does that sound good to you?” she posed. “Yes Grandma,” he said, “But could you cut it into eight pieces this time, instead of six, because today I’m really hungry!” Levi knew the secret of magnifying the good!

We all need that childlike fearlessness that does not dread the future, that rather than having apprehension about the destination begs,“Are we there yet?” and rather than panicking over sickness just predictably spits out the “yucky purple medicine!” …..

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:3 – 4

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  1. How cute of the Macy….I liked your post too….it’s a good reminder in these times of decisions and uncertainties….to just “go out and play”, like a kid, knowing Father God is in the midst of all the situations of our lives!

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