Soon it will be those halcyon days of garage and rummage sales! We will all stop our cars in the middle of the road to squint at the neighborhood signs,. We’ll eagerly search the newspapers with a red pencil in hand and a map in our lap, and we’ll definitely have to refresh our parallel parking skills. Somehow we’ll wake ourselves as early as a kid on Christmas morning and head out the door dressed in rumpled clothing that would shame us if we saw anybody we knew as we were grabbing for the same button jar or vintage hat! Later that day we’ll go home and shine and dip, and wash and fold our thrifty treasures, then lovingly put some of them in a sewing room box. My mom was the HRH of yard salers! She kept her trims and rick rack in red gingham pattern boxes in her sewing room. Being a compulsive collector, it was hard for her to give things away, but in her last year she did ask me to sit down with her in front of the old Kenmore, and asked if I wanted to take home her special box. I said “What?! Mama! Well, if I you insist… Hey, isn’t your church rummage sale this week?”

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