A Few Of My Favorite Things

A good friend of mine recently emailed and said she was feeling a little blue.  I tried to cheer her up a bit with my goon ball sense of humor  ( I should always list that first on physician questionnaires under “Diseases that run in the family“!),  by telling her I’d pray that she would have a spiritual uplift, and then giving her one of my never fail cheer-up assignment lists:
After the suggested Pierce Brosnan or Tom Selleck movie  (actually I would have chosen an episode of Remington Steele or Magnum myself), and the prescriptive chocolate  (she said she didn’t have any in the house—what is she a communist or something???),  and the directive that she visit a certain flickr group site where we could vicariously decorate and clutter/slob our craft rooms, and cater to our slight obsessions with inordinate order at the same time;  I challenged her to send me links to 10 of her favorite items that were currently listed in any shop on Etsy.com.   So…..not being one to require something of  someone I would not do myself  (unless it was telling my grandchildren to finish their beets) I spent the afternoon window shopping Etsy, and I thought I’d post those items here so you could have the pleasure of seeing them as well!  Let them know you saw it here and maybe you’ll cheer up their day!

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