Good for You!





Well, of course I want to brag on my own daughter-in-law and her successful baby and childrens boutique wear shop.  When Adrienne first met  my son, Damian,  I taught her to crochet, she learned that craft in what I have come to discover is the customary 15 minutes or less.  She has obviously taken the humble art out of the chairside basket and into a brilliant online forum.  Her shop found at is attracting not only savvy shoppers at that popular creativity think tank, but also print magazine and online design blog spots including: Cookie Magazine and Vintage Indie.

Recently, gifted photographer Brooke Daniels of has been providing  some ever-so enchanting photographs of her wee models in the studio hats she ordered from Adrienne’s shop, and that makes the  shop layout one of the most cute and clever on Etsy!  Most all of what Adrienne Kinsella makes is fashioned with beautiful organic cottons that are so soft that  your kids won’t take it off, and you’ll want to show it off!  Keep looking for new items to appear in  the shop…because  I taught her to knit last week  in about 12!

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