The lovely pile of  German books displayed on my desktop was found in a thrift shop and  is bound for my Etsy shop.  The stack includes ~The Good Earth~ by Pearl S. Buck.  I read the book when I was in High School,  but because I did not pay attention in German Class I cannot read this copy! Mehr ist das schade, but my shoppers will be blessed!  The Good Earth cover is illustrated, and beautiful books have that hypnotic sort of draw when you are out  scavenging through the shelves at the local charity shop! It does make you sorry, though, that some of the most tattered and humbly covered will be overlooked, and there inside may be the  literal jewel!

I just cannot resisist a pretty book, and these are even more pretty. They are one-of-a-kind journals made by my friend artist Shelly Ambrogio of susiea at Each is so unique and so very detailed with bits of vintage lace or buttons, and pieces of  illustration and wallpaper that they truly become your book!  Whether it is a book of poetry about English gardens full of rose bowers, or a journal like these embellished with pictures and ephemera in which to write a poem, I can’t resist!

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